Because we offer:

 ♦Hands-on activities for every kid, every time.

Our after school fine art classes are not demonstration classes where just one or two kids get to help. There’s no such thing as sitting through our classes and not being able to remember what happened. 

♦Qualified, enthusiastic instructors

We always provide a certified teacher who has extensive experience teaching children in schools. 

♦A wide variety of fine art classes.

Painting, sculpture, drawing and more... we have an extensive list of fun and exciting courses, based on themes that your students can relate to.  Our programs are designed to be attractive to students yet maintain a solid foundation in fine arts instruction. We also offer fun themes such as cartooning or themed classes such as Pixellated: The art of the videogame and Underwater Adventures.


♦Small class sizes.

Maximum enrollment for each class is 15. Compare that to other activities, which pile up to 20 kids in a room with one frazzled college student.


♦Sensible grade ranges.

We are not a one-size-fits-all program. We are not going to tell you that students grades K-5 are going to have meaningful experiences in the same classroom at the same time. We restrict our classes to appropriate grade ranges. That’s why kids actually learn a lot in our after school programs!  


♦Affordable tuition.

We bring talented instructors and premium supplies to your classroom for about as little as $15 per student per class hour.


♦Convenient venues

We come to your school or even your house if you form your own group! Homeschoolers welcome!

♦Community support.

Art Adventure donates a percentage of tuition back to your PTA when your PTA organizes our after-school or evening art classes. We can also run low-cost classes for low-income students at housing communities or other in need areas.

♦We’re local!

We’re not a chain or a franchise. We’re based in Orangeburg, NY.  Our founders and our instructors have deep roots in our communities! We’re creating fun, challenging and well-paid part-time jobs for people in Rockland County and beyond!


Isn’t it time to bring fine art programs to your school or camp?

... and PTAs love us because we do ALL the work!

*flyers & room reservations
*registration and payment
*instructor background checks 
*liability insurance & workers' comp
*parent communications & satisfaction

Welcome after-school activity coordinators, PTA  board members and parents who want to see our classes at your school!   We use certified, experienced teachers for all offsite programs.

Is your PTA tired of dealing with multiple after-school vendors, each with different policies? Having trouble finding volunteers to keep up with all the work of signing up vendors, providing rosters, handling registration and collecting checks out of dozens of backpacks?

Art Adventure is here to help. We offer top-quality, turn-key after school art enrichment courses for grades K-12. Our classes provide hands-on fun and learning. We get rave reviews from students, parents and PTAs. And guess what? We do all the work!

Just call us at 845-200-3351. We can help you choose from our wide variety of class offerings. Then we design your flyers, reserve our own rooms and handle all registration and payment for our classes. We staff all of our classes with certified teachers. 

Your students get an excellent hands-on experience with a variety of subjects and mediums.   And you get the credit for bringing an amazing program to your school.

Located at

Finch Studio Space

171 Main Street , Nyack NY 10960

​​ (845) 200-3351